Sunday, January 1, 2017

Attending to the living

As you all know, death is disruptive.

Even when you know it's coming, there's really no way to prepare for how it upends everything for awhile.  I realized this morning when I awoke that I haven't opened my mail, folded laundry, made my bed, or combed my hair (except for that once when KUTV asked me to do an interview) for almost a week now.

Here's what else I haven't done.  Watered plants or fed my animals.  Fortunately there have been people here who've taken take of the dogs and cats, although the parrot was overlooked some.  The plants, however, are suffering.

And so today my goal is to stay in my pajamas and tend to the living.  Not a bad way to begin a new year.


Kamp Kyburz said...

My heart goes out to you. One of our sacrament meeting speakers quoted your father in his talk today and became very emotional. As far as I know this person has no affiliation with football other than fandom. One person's influence is so far reaching. You cannot count the apples in a seed. From a distance I can see what a wonderful daughter and gift you have been all these years to your parents. Bless you.

Lisa B. said...

thinking of you and hoping your day was peaceful. I love you.

Lauren said...

Did your people clean the kitty litter for you? I hope I hope. That's love.

Megan Goates said...

The interview was great and your hair looked terrific. I laughed when you mentioned Jacque. Sending a big virtual (((hug))) to you today, Ann. Thank you for being a light in this corner of the world.

Emily said...

My thoughts are with you. Always.