Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Well, I love Christmas and I love Christmas crap.  BRING ON THE CHRISTMAS CRAP is my life motto, which means I have Santas and snowmen and candles and elves and fake reindeer tucked into every corner of my house during the holidays.  And I always hate to put the Christmas crap away.  Good-bye, Christmas Crap, I always say wistfully as I stuff another Santa into a box.

But this year it feels good to clean, to leave surfaces bare, to enjoy the clean lines of winter.

This won't last, of course.  I'll be putting out other crap soon enough.  But right now?  Peaceful.  That's how bareness feels.

I love you, my friends.


Dr Write said...

I am finding it difficult to put away the tree this year. I enjoy the light! I need the light. But it also feels good to clean out and move on.
Thinking of you, AC.

radagast said...

A good way to face a new year--bring on the crap! You've been in my thoughts muchly, Ann. Happier days.

Lisa B. said...

I'm keeping my tree up, of course, but I can see my way toward that clean, sparer space. Last year, I am pretty sure I left some of my Christmas crap up all year, yikes. I'll see if I can't do a more thorough job this time. xo and xo to you, sweet Ann.

Emily said...

I'm the opposite. I LOVE to put Christmas crap away and don't even have much of it (except for the trees and a few Nativities). Enjoy the sudden bareness of it all!

Holly Robinson said...

I have a hard time taking it down--mostly because I'm lazy. I'll get there after Epiphany. Until then, it hangs around. And though you don't know me, I have been thinking of you and your family often this past week.

Sarah said...

I love putting it up and I love taking it down. To everything, turn, turn, turn.