Monday, January 16, 2017

TRQ and I today at the Nordstrom Bistro

So TRQ and I met for lunch today at the Nordstrom Bistro.  I ordered the special--a kale salad with roasted Brussels Sprouts and cauliflower.  TRQ had a margarita pizza.  You know.  Ladies-Who-Lunch food.

She looked at my salad.

"Kale is going out of style," TRQ said.

"It's about time," I said.  "Who needs a high-maintenance vegetable that requires you to massage it before you can eat it?"

We both took bites of our food, thinking about how the three of us--TRQ, the Coach, and I--often met for lunch at the Bistro.

"Dad hated this place," I said.

"Yes," TRQ said.  "Yes, he did."

And we both burst out laughing.


radagast said...

Love everything about this.

Dr Write said...

I love this.

Emily said...

I love this so much, but especially the part about the roasted brussel sprouts.

Lisa B. said...

I love this whole conversation, including the trendiness of certain vegetables.