Friday, January 27, 2017

Some thoughts on my life as a writer

I almost said "my career as a writer."  But then I thought that I haven't exactly had a career--at least not if a career is something that supports you (and your family) monetarily.  But writing has certainly been a huge part of my life.

The thing of it is this:  I never really had a plan when I started out in my twenties, although "getting published" somehow, somewhere was always a goal.  To that end I tried a little bit of everything and sent those bits everywhere.  Along the way a few things did, indeed, get published.

Meanwhile, certain unexpected opportunities presented themselves along the way, and I rarely said no--not even to the offer (when I was first starting out) to write manuals for MLMs that sold bee pollen and endorsed cryogenics.  This means I have a CV that lacks focus.  On the other hand, this tendency has taken me to this place--a chance to be the Salt Lake Tribune's Dear Abby.

Except for the part where I'm not dead.

It's kind of exciting at this age to be starting something brand new.  Am I nervous?  Yeah.  I am.  But feeling nervous makes you feel like a kid again.


Jim said...

Exactly. New endeavors are scary, but they are invigorating. Good luck. I will read, and often adopt, your advice.

Dr Write said...

This is the best news ever.

Megan Goates said...

Jeff is encouraging me to start sending in my questions asap. Dear Ann...🤔

Lisa B. said...

I'm so happy that you're doing the advice column. Your first one you hit out of the park, in my opinion. xoxo