Monday, December 12, 2016


In light of the fact that half the country voted for Mr. Trump, I'd like to make these observations:
1.  I don't believe that half the country is racist and/or misogynist. I know fabulous compassionate people who voted for Trump.
2.  I believe, despite the fears of many, that our union will survive.

Having said that, I was deeply disappointed in us as a nation for electing someone like Trump for these reasons.
1.  While not all his supporters are racist and/or misogynist, he clearly legitimized both of those currents in our country by the tone and rhetoric of his campaign.
2.  While I probably won't be personally affected by his presidency (I seriously doubt he'll last out for the four years anyway) I do think there are marginalized populations that will be adversely affected.

Which is why I've decided to put my money where my mouth is and actively reach out in ways I may have been too complacent to do previously.  In light of this, I want to brag about my Mormon ward.  Our ward has adopted a family of refugees.  And guess what.  They're Muslim.  There's no intention to convert these people.  There's only the intention to assist and respect.

I could not be prouder of the individuals in my ward who have made this happen.


Heidi said...

Right on!

Jim said...

Great post. I agree about Trump. I too was disappointed, but I will give him a chance.

Cool ward.

Louise Plummer said...

Go 27th Ward!

Megan Goates said...

Rock on, Ann's ward!

Geeoff said...

Giving legitimacy to the views that Trump supporters are a basket of deplorables. Sad!