Friday, December 2, 2016

Whenever I step outside barefoot in the winter

Okay, YES.  I do that.  To get the newspaper or take out the recycling or whatever.

Why?  Because I'm too lazy to put on my shoes.

Still.  I don't stay outside for long and for sure I don't walk across Wyoming.  Which is the point.  I have to say when it gets cold like this, I think about the early Mormons who trekked from here to there in unfriendly weather, and while I am not a pioneer-phile, my respect grows.

Indeed it does.

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CSIowa said...

If a pioneer-phile is someone who thinks people wouldn't have stayed in hotels if they could have, then I am not one, either. Still, I did take my children down to Nauvoo one February so I could walk them down Parley St. in below-freezing weather. I'll take a jolt of gratitude anywhere I can get one. Now all I have to do is pick up my newspaper. Thanks, Ann!