Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A take on loyalty

So I've been spending some time with TRQ and the Coach lately to make up for my teenage years when I was no help at all.

Anyway, I've noticed how TRQ has a houseful of plants, most of which are a) ancient and b) struggling.  Like, if there were such a thing as walkers for plants, these guys would be all SIGN ME UP!

Here's the deal.  I've always thought of Coach as the gardener.  He grew lovely daylilies and primroses and dahlias and asters back in the day.  Tomatoes, too, sometimes, as well as chard although no one in the family knew what the hell to do with chard.  But I never saw TRQ out in the garden.

Still, I realized yesterday that she's an indoor gardener.  Once she acquires a plant, she keeps it forever--even if it's yearning to have the plug pulled.   She's plant loyal.


Louise Plummer said...

Indoor farmers can hear those plants scream when they throw them out. My sympathies to Patty.

Sarah said...

My mom was the same about keeping plants forever. Turns out poinsettias by the window seat in June are weird.