Monday, June 1, 2015

Question of the day

How did we do it?

I've been babysitting my grandchildren while their parents are in NYC and it's been a good thing to do on a lot of fronts.  To wit, a list.  And I hope I have used "to wit" correctly here.  Please advise.

1.  I like getting to know these kids.

2.  It makes me appreciate just what my mom and MIL did for us when we were young parents.

3.  And also now I know why I didn't do certain things . . .

I've been in a mood lately--kind of a berating mood--asking myself why I didn't do certain things with my kids.  Read to them more.  Feed them better food.  Monitor their educational pursuits more intelligently.  Blah blah blah etc and also more big blah blah.  BLAH.

The good thing about having these kids here for a few days is that suddenly I can go oh yeah.  This is intense.  And busy.  And everything is happening on the edge of chaos.  So guess what.


And so were we.


radagast said...

Exactly. It's always a return to basic survival living, for me: feed them, clean them, keep them alive. Anything else is gravy--to wit: post happy pictures (if any) on Facebook.

Lisa B. said...

I'm so pleased to hear that you came around to the 'they are awesome and so were we' bit, because omg, it's amazing that anyone escapes from that particular project remotely intact, parent & child alike. I like to also add in the bit about how we had no money, and how that made everything else super delightful! (here's a few sarcastic extra exclamation points for good measure: !!!!!!!!!!) Anyway, way to go you for doing this, and I bet you're gonna need a nap hardcore when it's all done.