Saturday, May 30, 2015

Grapes of Wrath-ish

This is the conversation Ken Cannon and I had last night while watching our programs.

ME:  Louis C.K. had a funny bit about The Grapes of Wrath.  [I watched LCK's HBO Special on the way home from Amsterdam, so now I'm the annoying person who's all "LCK said this" and "LCK said that."  It's a problem.  But I own it.]

KEN:  Oh yeah?

ME:  About the ending.

KEN:  Okay.

ME:  You remember the ending, don't you?


ME:  You are so busted.  You did NOT read that book.

KEN:  Yes, I did.

ME:  You would totally, totally remember that ending if you'd read it.  That was the point of LCK's monologue.

KEN:  I read it.

ME:  No.  You didn't.

KEN:  I did.  I just don't remember the ending.

ME:  Stop.  Please. Here's what happened.  Your sisters read that book for you.

Those sisters earned most of Ken's A's in high school.  But I'm happy to report he earned all of his own A's (and there were many of them) thereafter.


Louise Plummer said...

His sisters may have read it for him, but he definitely didn't listen.

Lisa B. said...

I laughed so hard because when you mentioned the ending it came vividly to mind. VIVIDLY. NO WAY he read it, because ain't nobody forgetting that one.

Bob the Woodworker said...

I believe that lots of people don't remember endings of lots of books, some even unforgettable, because their brains have stopped working effectively. I, for one, believe that Ken read the Grapes of Wrath and just forgot the ending. Maybe he even put it out of his mind because he found the ending distasteful. I do believe he often read books he was supposed to, even if he got a little help from those clever older sisters of his in writing the papers about the books. That's what I say.