Saturday, May 2, 2015

On Rotten Tomatoes and WOMAN IN GOLD

So Ken Cannon and I saw WOMAN IN GOLD last week and I liked it.  I thought the story was interesting and the flashbacks were affecting.  Also, who doesn't love some Dame Helen and well.  Hello, Ryan Reynolds.  You are a tall, tall drink, Ryan Reynolds.

Also, I think he's a pretty good actor and has nice abs to go along with the chops.

Okay.  I make it a point to never read reviews before I see something, so as soon as we got home, I pulled up Rotten Tomatoes and was a little surprised to see that only 50% of the critics liked the movie.  They thought it was dull.  And cheesy. Hallmark-y, even, because you know nothing says Hallmark-y like Nazis.  And a few of the reviews were actively hateful.

A lot of you see more movies than I do.  I'm looking at YOU, Lisa B and James.  While it wasn't the best film I've ever seen, I didn't think it was as terrible as some people obviously did.  What am I missing?

I'd like your honest opinions here.  I'm totally okay if you hated the movie.  I just feel like I've had a major lapse in taste or something, and now I'm not allowed to sit at the popular kids' table anymore.


Lisa B. said...

Oh, people are such snobs. I haven't seen this movie...YET, but I can see why people might say that about it from the previews, but who cares, really. People like to be understood as discerning, don't they? which means finding as many things to not like, or not-quite-like, as things to like. More, even, to dislike. Meanwhile, the rest of us who just want to see a movie and have a story, why shouldn't we enjoy the story? Also, I personally am happy as a clam whenever Ms. Mirren is on screen, and Ryan Reynolds is adorbs and also a good actor, in my opinion. Enjoy away! We are seeing McFarland, U.S.A., because (a) sports movie and (b) we saw a French movie which was complex and challenging last night, so: sports movie!

Amelia said...

Don't believe the hype man! I think there is snobbery in a lot of these reviews. For instance we as a family LOVED the new Annie. Rotten reviews everywhere but we thought it sweet with catchy songs and good performances. Art is subjective right?!

Betsey said...

This is the first time I have read your blog and I was interested because of your subject matter. I saw this movie also and I really liked it. The reviews were not kind but whenever they say a British movie is slow then I know I will love it. It seems to me if a movie isn't racy, off color or violent then it doesn't get high marks.
I give "Woman in Gold" a 90% thumbs up!

James said...

Haven't seen the movie, so I can't comment. Its not uncommon for me to like a movie that gets panned by the critics. I understand their points, but I still liked the movie. Monuments Men was like that for me. Not a great movie, didn't get great reviews, but I liked it. I feel like it was worth my money.

Plus, I really would like to see the movie. I like Mirren, I like Reynolds, and I like Klimt. Sounds like a winner t me.

Louise Plummer said...

I don't like movie reviews, because they give away too much storyline. Although, I do like reading them after I've seen the movie.

I liked WOMAN IN GOLD for all the reasons everyone has already mentioned, and because the city of Vienna was beautifully photographed.