Thursday, May 28, 2015

Well I didn't expect to see THAT in the intersection of 7th East and 2nd South

So I stopped at a red light (I'm very law-abiding that way) at the above intersection on my way to Liberty Park for my morning toddle when I spotted a man in the crosswalk.  He was nicely dressed like the young professional he possibly is.   Also, he was carrying a white tote thing that looked like one of those mini-cooler deals you put a few sodas in when you head out for a picnic.  In fact, this guy was kind of swinging it--the way a kid would swing his super awesome Ninja Turtles lunchbox on his way to school in the morning.

But here's the thing.  Emblazoned in big red BLOCK letters on the side of the white tote were the words HUMAN ORGAN.

Seriously.  Don't you find that a tiny bit disturbing?

So then I had to spin scenarios.  Why human organs?  Why this particular man with human organs?  Is this how it works when you need a transplant?  If you can afford it, you have the organ life-flighted to the hospital.

But if not, then dude will just put it in his cooler and walk it on over.


Lauren said...

Yummy lunch!

human organ lunch tote

Lisa B. said...

Thanks to Lauren, I can stop thinking about the unspecified organ sloshing up against the sides of the cooler, due to the swinging. Phew.

radagast said...

Zombie lunch.

James said...

Recycled hospital supplies: In a former life, the cooler once toted a life-saving organ, after it had completed its mission and was discarded, someone saved it, and now it caries life-saving orange soda and sausages. At least that is my explanation of what PROBABLY happened.

Sarah said...

Well if it was a repurposed hospital cooler, I hope it was properly washed, sanitized, sand-blasted, rinsed, then put through that cycle like 87 more times.