Saturday, May 9, 2015

Shopping carts and the crazy

Early this morning I went to Smiths with the intention of stocking up on pet food (for the pets) and snacks (for the humans) in preparation for some upcoming travels.  So yeah.  I had bags of cat food, dog food, pistachios, Twix bars, licorice and M and Ms in my cart.  Also I had a STAR magazine to find out if Kris Kardashian really did sleep with her son-in-law because WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

Also, there was a gnome in my cart.  Because it was on sale.

As the clerk checked me out, I started looking at myself through her eyes, so I said, "Do you ever wonder what the hell is going on with people?"

She said no.  She was the very soul of discretion.

But, the people, she was lying.

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Megan Goates said...

Gnomes and kibble and candy bars and trash mags sound reasonable to me, but my shopping cart is ALWAYS piled with the major food groups consumed by my morbidly picky eaters: Frozen fries, chips, cosmic brownies, and coke. It's humiliating to be me and check out at the grocery store.