Thursday, May 7, 2015

Another sighting in the Aves

I've mentioned before that over the years my walking pals and I have seen and heard things at 5:30 a.m. that . . . startle.  Like guys with no pants on.  And cops asking about guys with no pants on.  And guys with pants on randomly asking us if we are dancers.  Stuff like that.

Well, this morning, a guy asked us in passing how we were doing, which is always a little weird, because the Rule of the Streets is that you pretend not to see each other.  But anyway.  This guy didn't get the Street Rules Memo.  So we answered him.

And that's when things got weirder.

US:  We're fine.

HIM:  Are you doing your Walk of Shame?

US:  (pause) (because we didn't see that one coming)

SALLY:  Yes.  We all just left the Sig House.

ME:  It was Grab-a-Grandma Night up there.

I hope he found that image disturbing.  Truly.


Amelia said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!

CSIowa said...

You live such an amazing life among such amazing people! I will probably still be laughing in twenty minutes when I get out of the shower (which requires me first to get into the shower, so off I go).

James said...
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James said...

Ha ha ha ha. The world is a bit different at 5:30: late for the night owls, early for the regular birds. One morning on a 5:30 walk, my friend and I saw a rather large man (wearing pants) flat on his back on a cement drive way. No one was around, and he looked dead. We walked over, closer to see what there was to see, and he let out a monster-size snore. One does not see that 7:00 am.

Rachel said...

So so true and funny. Quick wits is a gift.