Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My own personal tortilla project

Well, okay.  I did have fun writing this one.  It's just not every day you can say that Bradley Cooper is a tall glass of tortilla.

As far as the listing (discussed yesterday) goes . . .

1.  Watching mountains turn blue at twilight
2.  Treating myself to an outrageously expensive ice cream cone from Hatch's Chocolates
3.  Cutting a rose and putting it in a bud vase so I can sniff it whenever I want to


James said...

Watching mountains turn blue at twilight sounds lovely. It also sounds far better than watching Twilight in Blue Mountains, but that might just be me.

Lisa B. said...

This is a very good list. I am loving clouds in all their variations, and my outrageously sniffable garden, and (right at this very moment) thunder and rain.