Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Thinking about TRQ

My mother is a presence in my blog, I know, and usually when I write about her, it's with a sort of amused affection because she's just so HERSELF and just so larger than life.

But lately I've been thinking about that year I was sick--how I spent part of that time in the hospital and then in bed for seven months.  She was barely 30.  She had just moved from a home she'd loved in Salt Lake to a town she didn't like much (that would be Provo).  She'd just had a new baby.  And the Coach had a new REALLY STRESSFUL job.

She was already isolated, and my illness isolated her from making new friends even more.  And yet she took such tender care of me.

I think of the young woman she was sometimes in the early of each morning when I step outside to see what this day might bring and thank her quietly for the opportunity I have to do just that.


James said...

This is beautiful. I hope the TRQ gets to read it.

Lisa B. said...

So beautiful.

Blue said...

I've obviously never met your mommy, but for this reason alone i love her.