Friday, June 12, 2015

Girls are scary

6.  Walking barefoot on Utah grass.

The other day at the library my granddaughter told me to go behind a chair so she didn't have to look at me.  I KNOW!

Actually, this was much less Snotty Dotty than it sounds.  She just wanted to be a teenager at the library w/o a grandmother watching over her.

Anyway.  I was telling my walking friends this story and they all laughed.  And then after they all laughed, they all said, "You don't know how to deal with girls, do you?"  And it occurred to me right then and there that I don't.

I'm like a guy in a man cave, playing video games, drinking Mountain Dew, eating Doritoes and listening to sports podcasts in this respect.  I am mystified by the girls.


James said...

"You go behind the chair so I don't have to look at you." Was this your response?

Louise Plummer said...

Sally, age 3, scares the liver out of me.

CSIowa said...

Having blown my shot at 6th-grade district spelling champion by spelling HEROS without the requisite E, I am charmed by your eating Doritoes.

My second daughter just turned 17. Seventeen, in my experience, can be scary. Her older sister turned back into a human being just before she left home at 18 1/2. It was time for her to go. One queen bee per hive, thank you very much. This part, at least, won't be your problem.

Maybe your bishop can send you to YW camp to bone up.

Lisa B. said...

hahahaha James's response is better than mine would have been, which would be to grab that child and smooch her until she screamed. In the library. NOBODY puts Grandma behind the chair. NOBODY.