Friday, February 20, 2015

What place(s) would you haunt?

I've been working on a little piece this morning wherein I ask that question, and here's how I answered my own question:

I think I’d start with Hawaii.
            Hawaii!  Seriously, what a gig for ghost!
            But my reasons are personal and not just because Hawaii is . . . you know . . . Hawaii.  Hawaii was the first big time-in-your-dreams-place I ever visited.  I went with my parents, and while we were there, I turned sixteen.  We went to a supper club in Honolulu—so glam!  Also fancy!—where someone told the performer-in-residence, Don Ho, that a certain Haole girl wearing a neon orange muumuu in the audience was having a birthday.  So Don Ho made me get up on the stage with him.  And he serenaded me while my parents looked on, wondering (no doubt) why they’d ever let me buy that neon orange muumuu.
            So that’s where I want to go.  Back to Hawaii .  And while I’m there, I want to  see myself and my parents feeling the kiss of tropical air on our skins for the very first time—with so, so much life ahead of us still.
            Your turn to play now.  What places would you haunt?


Lisa B. said...

Most definitely: Idaho, Island Park to be specific, near the Henry's Fork. In fact, I think this is part of my Existence Contract--that I will haunt that particular bend in a bendy river.

Megan Goates said...

Idaho, too. Minkcreek. I'd haunt the river and the fields and Mount Peaky, but leave the cabin alone. There are already plenty of widely-accepted haunted old pioneer houses in that little place. It's my childhood.

shelley said...

Hawaii is one of the most haunted places in the world. Have you ever heard of the night walker myths in Hawaii?
My memory may be tainted by the fact our house was built directly over a pre-Cook era graveyard, and bones would randomly show up!

James said...

Subway station at Lincoln Center. Not so busy as 42d street, but still a lot of interesting people. I wouldn't haunt as much as watch.

Cindy Stagg said...

I'd haunt Hawaii with you because 1. Being a ghost sounds cold, so I'd prefer to haunt a warm locale. 2. We could join Don Ho and haunt all the future neon orange, mumu-wearing 16-year-olds who come to Hawaii for the first time.