Monday, February 9, 2015

Bea and Blanche and Blanche and Bea

So here's what a blog post turned into a column looks like.  You saw it here first, folks!

This is one of the great things about keeping a blog, don't you know.  It's a nesting ground for future pieces.

In other news I've been on the road, y'all.  In Texas with my Texas family.  It's been a blast.  Favorite detail this trip?  The fact that all the garages in this neighborhood are NOT used for cars but for man caves, complete with big screen TVs, grills, smokers, fridges full of beer and state flags.  Don't mess.

I'll be back home tomorrow and will resume blogging.


Lisa B. said...

Is it bad that this post made me want a hot dog real bad? In my defense, it's possible that I wanted a hot dog *before* I read your post, and the post merely intensified my desire. For a hot dog. I want one, real bad.

I can't wait till you're home from TX and resume blogging. SRSLY.

shelley said...

.....Texas is my least favorite of the 50, yo.

James said...

Wouldn't think of messing with either Texas or man's man cave. Have fun.