Friday, April 18, 2014

What the waitress told me today

See my new ring there?

Is it not the essence of bad-assery?

Lisa B. gave it to me for my birthday, and, people, I have not taken it off!  Even though TRQ is worried I will poke out my eye with it.

Anyway.  I know this ring is awesome because all the kids grab my hand when I'm at places like Sprouts and go WOW!  I LOVE YOUR RING!  And this makes me happy because it is a great ring and also it's kind of cool to be down with the kids these days.

Anyway again.  As I was eating sushi today with my friend Trish, the waitress grabbed my hand and went WOW!  I LOVE YOUR RING!  Which, of course, was gratifying.  It is always gratifying to be thought awesome in a sushi place where all your servers have tattoos and wear black.  But then she went on to say it reminded her of her ring at home which is an actual eyeball of a bobcat that a taxidermist had preserved.

And that comment gave me pause.  Is someone who wears actual eyeballs the best judge of what constitutes great jewelry?



Lisa B. said...

Well, I don't know about that, but I thick we can say that the raven ring IS badass, which is why I knew it was perfect for you.

However. Eyeballs? seems like a bad raw material for jewelry, preserved or not.

Lisa B. said...

Gaa! thiNk.

Margy said...

I'm grappling with the combination of sushi and eyeballs.

Erin said...

There are many reasons why I adore you. That ring just added to the list!

Becky Richins said...

A sweet skull ring is NOT the same thing as an actual eyeball.

NOT the same.