Wednesday, April 2, 2014

That time when I forgot TRQ's birthday

I was thinking a lot about TRQ this morning because of this column and also--you know--because she's TRQ.

I was remembering this one time when I forgot her birthday.  She called me about 10:00 that night and we chit-chatted for awhile about this and that and this some more until finally she said, "Well, I just called to wish myself a happy birthday."


There was no recovery from that.  Like I said, it was late.  I couldn't order flowers.  I couldn't rush down to Provo.  I couldn't do anything to cover my own sorry rear.  So the next day I called about 30 people, including a guy who worked at a grocery store, and told them to call TRQ to wish her a happy birthday and also to tell her that her daughter is a perfect little shit.

And they did.

And she was happy.

And I was forgiven.

I love her.


Lisa B. said...

"perfect little shit" is toooooooooo funny. I love this story.

James said...

One of the best attributes of the TRQ is her ability to forgive and laugh about it.