Saturday, April 26, 2014

A cautionary tale about why you might not want to wear low-slung jeans at the library

Okay.  First.  HUGE shoutout to the staff of Sprague branch library for the stuffed toy sleepover they pulled off this weekend.  Kids left their toys on Friday.  The staff photographed the toys at play during the night.  Kids returned today and watched a powerpoint featuring those toys.  It was GENIUS!

Anyway.  Lots of kids and parents were there today, including a mom with generous curves in low-slung jeans who knelt on the floor and leaned forward to get a better look at the powerpoint and HOLY COW.    It was just a full moon rising.  I mean we are NOT talking slight cleavage here.  We are talking about the kind of eyeful you get if you accidentally walk in on the Provo High School football team showering after a game.  Like I did once.   But that's another story.

Meanwhile here's the moral of this story:  it's hard to watch a) stuffed animals at play in the library when there's also a b) bare bum in the library.

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Emma said...

Gag. I always wonder, when someone's pants are too tight and low, why they don't feel uncomfortable and also awkward when having to bend over or move at all?

I have seen this full moon on not just women, but men who think they should be wearing butt tight pants while the rest of their body squeezes out from other places.

It's just not a good thing to see.

It's distracting, in a bad way.