Sunday, March 23, 2014

Things my brothers said when we were young

TRQ found a couple of boxes full of my old papers, which she delivered to my house last week.  Most of what I found inside of them is worthless.  Who needs my class notes for Anthropology 101?


I did find an old "autograph" book I kept in the fifth and sixth grades.  Autograph books were full of blank pages for friends to write things on--sort of like yearbooks but without the photos.  Anyway, I apparently let my brothers write  in it.  Here's what they said:

Dear Ann

I love you.  You are my funist sister.  I think you are a good skier.  

Love John

What I love about this is that I am John's ONLY sister.  So the competition for "funist" wasn't fierce.  But the sentiment is nice anyway.  The next bit is from my brother Jimmy.

Dear Ann,

I love you.  You are a pretty girl.  You are the best junior high writer.  I hope you grow up to be a model.  You're too pretty to be a dancer.  Here's a joke.  Do you want to hear a dirty joke?  The pig fell in the mud.  Do you want to hear a clean joke?  The pig took a bath.  Here's another joke.  "Say Captain."  "Captain."  "Crunch."  Here's another one:  Why did the guy salute the fridge?  Because it was General Electric.  Your loving brother Jimmy.

There are SO many things I love about this, including the fact that it's in my handwriting, so either I was taking dictation OR making all of it up.  I also like the way Jimmy had standup material before the age of 6.

To this day he's still my favorite comic.


James said...

Those are still good jokes!

CSIowa said...

I vote for taking dictation.

My brother who has Down syndrome is always telling one of his four sisters that she is "the best sister I have," until another one comes in the room or gets on the phone. He's pretty good about loving the one he's with, but he also wants whoever isn't there to get herself there pdq.

My other brother, who does not have Down syndrome, spent his childhood signing birthday cards with effusive superlative adjectives about himself.

Both of my brothers rock.