Monday, March 17, 2014

Everybody should have a Denna in their life

Years ago when Ken Cannon and I moved into this neighborhood, I was befriended by a woman closer to my mother's age than to mine.  Denna Hale.  But we took to each other immediately because we like a lot of the same things.  Dogs.  Holidays.  Tea parties.  Miniatures.  Antique dolls.  Gardens.  Picture books.  

A few weeks ago I received an invitation in the mail to an "Irish tea party" to be held at Denna's house. In her kitchen she had two tables with tea cups--but instead of drinking tea, we used those cups to create miniature fairy gardens.    

This is the essence of Denna.  Making magic for the rest of us.

Is that a leprechaun in my tea cup?

To be sure!  And he's ready for his close-up, Mr. DeMille.


Louise Plummer said...

Denna is the best!

Tabitha Thompson said...

Great idea for little girls! I may have to steal it and re-theme it for Easter!