Friday, March 7, 2014

An update on the Brain Front and also when did I turn into that person?

So I've never been much of a hypochondriac.  I had my grandfather to take care of that bizness for me.  (He was a fabulous darling man, but he was pretty sure he was dying most of his life--and of course he lived until he was 96 years old.)

Anyway.  I'm essentially lazy on the health front, and I don't have much of an imagination when it comes to germs, so there you are.  Historically I've shrugged everything off.  Even when I shouldn't have.  Ask Phil about the time I didn't believe the gym teacher at West when she called and told me my son needed stitches.


The last few days I've had this pain in the right side of my head--a different kind of pain than migraine pain and stress headache pain.  It isn't bad really.  I just notice it a lot.  Also, I've been really tired.
In the past I would have just assumed I was tired because I go to bed at 11:00 and get up at 5:00.  And I would have barely noticed the head pain because for decades I had a headache every day of my life.

However!  These days I'm going around thinking I have Emergency Cancer of the Brain.  Like, that's the first thing I thought.  I'M TIRED!  MY HEAD HURTS A LITTLE!  I HAVE EMERGENCY CANCER OF THE BRAIN!

I'm not sure why I've reacted like this.  Maybe I'm just more aware of the fragility of everything and that I'm definitely on the downhill side of this life.

Unless, of course, I live to be 116, in which you're all invited to my party.


radagast said...

Please get it checked out, my friend. I do want you to have that 116th birthday party, even if the years of doughnuts and bacon will not allow me to join you.

Louise Plummer said...

Yeah, weird headaches should be checked.

Blue said...

what Loesje said. ♥