Monday, March 24, 2014

Reading yourself

Okay.  Old diaries and old scrapbooks--especially the ones you kept in junior high school--are just really embarrassing.  I'M CRINGING as I go through these boxes that TRQ unloaded here.  There is absolutely nothing scarier in this life than a fourteen year-old female with a bad case of hypergraphia.

But yeah.  There are definitely laughs to be had.  I found a picture of an old cat of mine with this caption.

"This was Baby.  She was one of my favorite cats ever.  Unfortunately she got hit by a car."

Nobody wrote a better Cat Obit than I did back in the day.


Lisa B. said...

that is sad about the poor cat but also (I'm sorry!) hilarious about that "unfortunately."

I will not be sharing any excerpts from my high school journal because damn. it is B-A-D.

James said...

Its just way impressive you guys kept journals back then. Hypergraphia or no, at least you have a lot of what was on your mind at the time.