Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Drawing yourself

Look!  I was a cartoonist in my previous life as an eleven year-old!

I love that the mother is wearing a dress and an apron (also heels!) just like Beaver Cleaver's mom.  Also check out her badass perm.


radagast said...

Your drawing skills at 11 are better than my current skills. Seriously. I recently drew an "elephant" for my grandsons--who know an elephant when they see one--and they could not tell what it was. I covered by saying it was a "kind of dinosaur." "A sauropod?" asked one. "That's it."

Lisa B. said...

But dang if you aren't right--family life *can* be a b***h, or a "bih," as some of my more polite children will occasionally say. If I were granted my occasional wish, occasionally, and I were allowed to stay at home and housekeep it up to my heart's content (which I totally wouldn't and everyone knows it--I would take naps and snack and surf the webs and read trashy novels), then I *might* wear high heels and an apron. Well, I might.