Monday, October 29, 2012

TRQ is nothing if not surprising

This is the phone conversation I just had with TRQ.

TRQ:  Hey.

Me:  Hey.

TRQ:  You know where we should go the next time I'm in Salt Lake?

Me:  Where?

TRQ:  That cigar store.

Me:  (surprised on several fronts--a) that she wants to go to a cigar store and b)  that she also assumes I know which cigar store she means, as if she and I were having a previous conversation about cigar stores in Salt Lake that was interrupted, possibly by my father who wanted to know what he should do with the ironing he just finished)  You want to go to a cigar store?

TRQ:  Yes.

Me:  Why?

TRQ:  Remember?  That guy at the Cinegrill told us you could buy Sen sens there.

Sometimes . . . there are just no words.


Louise Plummer said...

Sen Sens. Holy cow, this takes me back to the fifties. Do they still make Sen Sens? They tasted like soap. Talk about cleaning your breath.

Lisa B. said...


To be honest, I wasn't sure that Sen Sens were real...I thought I maybe only read about them fictionally, in novels from the 1940s. So--also a surprise on that front. Sen Sens are REALLLLLLLLLLLL. Maybe you should get a bunch and give them away on Halloween. Just a thought.

wjmom said...

I grew up on Sen-Sens (my dad and his dad loved them). My friends and some of my kids think they taste like soap, but I love them.

Tell TRQ to look for them on Amazon. I got a SWEET deal for my dad's birthday! :)

Only if it won't ruin your day trip, though.

James said...

I love the thread of this post: TRQ to Cigar Store to Cinegrill to sen-sens. I think each is worthy of a story individually. Combined its a blog-shot of joy.

(I am dying for a Cinegrill Corned Beef Sandwich and Salad plate right now.)