Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Here's What I Learned Today from TRQ

TRQ:  Did you hear about the poisonous spiders?

ME:  Which ones?

TRQ:  The ones that hide beneath the toilet seats on airplanes.

ME:  There are spiders on airplanes now?

TRQ:  Yes.  And when you sit down they bite you right there on your bottom.

ME:  Ouch.

TRQ:  Yes.  And then you die.


Amelia said...

For some reason this story gave me enormous amounts of cheer.

James said...

All this time I was paranoid about Snakes On The Plane when I really should have been worried about toilet spiders nibbling at my bum.

Lisa B. said...

Damn hell. And I have to get on an airplane next week.

Philsy C said...

"And then you die."

I love TRQ's golden teaching moments. This may be the best one of all.