Thursday, October 11, 2012

What they don't know won't hurt them

Beginning writers often ask me if people's feelings are hurt when they show up (disguised as a character) in my books.  I tell them no.  Why?  Because while people are good at recognizing other people, they never recognize themselves.

Case in point.

When I wrote CAL CAMERON (a million years ago and on another planet), I modeled Cal after my youngest brother, which everyone who knew our family recognized.  However, when Jimmy finally read the book, he was concerned that our brother John--JOHN-- might resent being fed whole into the word processor.

See what I mean?

So today's writing advice is this:  feel free to exploit your loved ones for fun and for profit.

You're welcome.


James said...

Cal Cameron's not about John?

Melody said...

This delights me. For Jimmy's sake.

P.S. I still love stopping by and reading your posts. So does my daugher. You're a family fave, Ann. Thank you.

Philsy C said...

"...feel free to exploit your loved ones for fun and for profit." Just made my day. Youare the best!