Friday, October 26, 2012

Good news for now!

Thanks, you guys, for your nice comments.

I spent some time at the doctor, who told me that the retina has not detached (yay!) . . . yet (boo!).  Actually, I'll probably be fine.  Most people get "floaters" and "flashes" as they age.  AGING!  WHAT AN ADVENTURE!  I just have an extreme case of it.  However, the onset was a little dramatic.  Also, he said, people who have had cataract surgery and who are as near-sighted as I am have a twenty times greater chance of having the retina issue, so we are in observation mode for now.


radagast said...

Too bad you can't use the flashes to shoot down the floaters. Then you'd have, like, a video game going on in your head. How cool would that be?! Glad you're still binocular.

Rachel said...

Well, if you do become blind in one eye, you can get an eye patch. You'd make a really great pirate.

Mystery Girl said...

i just learned I need bifocals (gulp) Glad both your retinas are still attached.