Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This is for Jake

. . . because he is kind enough to read my blog regularly.

Jake wrote to ask if I could recommend some St. George awesomeness.  (Emma?  Are you reading this?  I need your help!)  He'd like to know what to see and do (and eat) in St. George because he'll be spending some time there soon, and since I go there often, he figured I would know.

But here's the problem.  When I go to St. George, I don't do anything but eat wings and watch whatever game happens to be in season on TV.  I also sit in a hot tub.  Occasionally I'll go get a hamburger at In-n-Out and rhubarb pie at Croshaw's, but that's about it.  In other words, I slip into a mild coma when I do St. George.

So I need your recommendations here, people.  Restaurants!  Hikes!  Activities!  Help my friend Jake, okay?


Dianna said...

We enjoy this dinosaur museum:

This place has pretty good fried ice cream:

radagast said...

Hiking in Snow Canyon.

Louise Plummer said...

Mild coma sounds so perfect.

James said...

AThe Hunan restaurant in Pioneer square is good. We usually end up at 5 Guys instead of In-N-Out.

Anonymous said...

I love the slot canyon hike along quail creek reservoir. Just have him look up Red Cliffs Recreation area. It's about 15 minutes north of St. George on I-15. I agree with radagast, too: hike Snow Canyon.
If he wants to eat at a delicious and very fancy restaurant, The Painted Pony is amazing. Other than that, I don't really consider St. George as a destination for food.

jake&annmarie said...

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.

Emma said...

Ok. Ready?
Food: Hit up Judd's store - known for their breadsticks and White Chili. Also, it's a fun candy store....OSCAR's - Hands down, best place to eat at the mouth of Zion, everything is fresh and tastes great, plus the views are to die for!...Basila's - greek food, very eclectic place to eat, I recommend the Chicken Kabobs, with carrot raisin rice.

Emma said...


Zion - no brainer.

Snow Canyon - gorgeous drive, or hike.
Gunlock Reservoir - the Falls will surprise you
Red Rock film Festival - Nov.8-17 in Springdale and S.G.
Pioneer Park - slot canyons and trails.

Those are our favorites.

BBB said...

Hope it's not too late:
Benja's if you like Thai food is awesome. They have a couple locations.

25 on Main has awesome coconut cupcakes on Fridays.

We always hit the See's Candy at the mall for a chocolate fix.

If Jake has a lady friend who likes to shop:
The Ace Hardware on the Blvd. is the best place to get a drink on tap and free popcorn while you shop for stuff like a power drill, gun, a hip new outfit (truly), fabric, or a Bosch mixer. :) Seriously though, that place is a shopping treasure.

TJMaxx is also awesome there. They get their shipments from CA and NV and often have stuff you can't find in UT TJMaxx stores.

There's a fun consignment store on the Blvd. called Urban Renewal.