Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Flowers for Algernon

You remember that story, right?  The one that got turned into the movie Charley.  Not the Mormon Charley.  The Cliff Robertson Charley.

Anyway, in that story a man who's intellectually challenged gets an operation and turns all smart.  But then the smartness fades away, which caused you and your friend Gigi Ballif to sit in the movie theater as seventh graders and sob and sob and sob.

I feel a little like Charley right now.  On the brain front, for sure.  But also on the eye front.  This time last year I had cataracts removed and telescopic lenses inserted.  And I will never forget the feeling of opening my eyes first thing in the morning and SEEING MY CLOCK.  I haven't done this since, oh, the fourth grade.  But suddenly my vision isn't as good as it was.  I have that floater/possible retina thing going on in the right eye and the left eye is kind of filmy.

I can still see OBV.  And I can definitely see well enough, something I am very very very grateful for.  But after having a brief taste of seeing awesomely I am . . . a little disappointed.

Oh.  Well.


radagast said...

So unsettling, Ann. Frightening, even? I'm sorry.

Louise Plummer said...

So in my twenty-first century way, I ask, cannot this be fixed? It is terrible to have fuzzy eyesight. Really terrible.

Anna said...

So sorry to hear Ann. I am having a sort-of similar experience. After growing up with glasses (almost Coke-bottle glasses), I had lasik surgery on my eyes about 9 years ago and the surgeon told me this would not do anything to prevent the usual eye aging stuff. Being able to see without glasses has been amazing. But now that I'm officially in my mid-40's I find myself holding books a little further away and squinting hard at typeface that I've never had even flex my eyes for. Sigh. Not nearly as scary as what you are experiencing, though.