Sunday, July 25, 2010

Here at last!

Eugene and grandbaby at last!

It took some doing to get here. My car (after squealing like a fourteen year old girl on a roller coaster) broke down out in the woods somewhere, which meant I had to be towed into town. The first bit of good news is that I totally bonded with another tow truck driver (this one is named Will) and I now have a pretty good idea about Oregon's gun laws which are looser than you might think. Get rid of Eugene and Portland and dude! Oregon is pretty much red meat!

The second bit of good news--GREAT news--is that at last I have held The Child. The lovely, butterball-y, pink-y, perfectly shaped lips-y, head-full-of-black-hair-y Child. Her parents are fantastic. It's fun to watch them make all the right moves. Carry on, fantastic parents!

I had the doughnut with bacon last night btw. I hate to say this but it was really tasty. Because. You know. Bacon.


Anne said...

You have to figure out how to post pictures on here because I loves me a little butterball!

Lisa B. said...

Oh, relish that space-out-of-time that is holding a brand new baby. I am so happy for you.

LucindaF said...

I love me some baby. Especially cuz this said baby is your grand perfect baby.

Also, I imagine a maple bar with bacon on it is much like eating pancakes and bacon that "somehow" gets syrup on it.

I love you mucho gusta.

Anonymous said...

So happy you made it past the Bates Motel and found your way out of the woods and into the arms of your grand bambino.

Have fun, Gramma Ann!

Sarah T. said...

Just read your column about running a marathon. BEEN THERE. DONE THAT. You couldn't have described it more perfectly. My mom and I were laughing so hard. You wouldn't believe the things we see and talk about soooo early in the morning. Oh, and the weight thing? Yeah. Didn't loose an ounce. I find myself wondering what WILL make me loose weight if running 13 miles doesn't...weird.

BBB said...

Between the Bates, Tow Truck Will, and bacon, it sounds like you've had quite an adventure. I would also like to see said Butterball Baby.

Donna said...

I am having a horrible day....and guess what? I still don't get what a horrible day can really be. I still am living in a land of "I would be perfectly content to be perfectly content," forever and always.
...what world do I live in?
I am thrilled for your new baby..and also very happy to have another check mark filled with the understanding of Oregon gun laws. So much to do, thanks for taking care of it.