Monday, June 1, 2009

an unexpected pleasure

i feel fortunate over the years that i have been able to view the business of books from a couple of vantage points--both as a writer and as a bookseller. lately it occurs to me that one of the really great things about being a writer/bookseller is that i have the honor of handselling books by other writers i know.

utah is crazy rich with writers--particularly in the world of children's and ya lit. and everytime i go to work i almost always sell a book by one of our own. saturday night i sold two by jessica day george. last time i sold one by anne bowen. and of course right now carol williams' new title is flying off the shelf.

yep. this is the place for pretty cool writers.

ate some excellent chicken enchiladas dropped off by margaret neville from the bookstore. i love that place. i love the people there.


Lisa B. said...

You have a generous spirit. I love the way you totally give props to so many other writers.

Also, you have generous friends who bring you enchiladas and cupcakes. Whereas I bring you comments. It's the same, right?

shelley said...

The King's English is a special place! I'm not sure exactly what it is, whether it's the people, the unbeatable books, or a mixture of everything, but it is a unique bookstore.