Thursday, June 11, 2009

More conference talk

Well . . . I meant to post all week long. But I've been REALLY tired at the end of each day. Tired but inspired. Great 411 each day all day long. I think the thing that's hit me this time is how important it is that a story have exterior and interior action--and that both kinds should keep the narrative moving forward. Simple. But genius, right?

I've had a wonderful class this year. Excellent writers. Excellent critics. I want them to e-mail me at Christmas and tell me that they've finished their novels and sent them out. That would be a grand gift.

Yesterday my class took me to Joe Vera's on Center Street where we dined on Bandidos. Muy excellente! And then last night I had dinner with an old friend from Provo and we had chicken tortilla soup from Cafe Rio. Here's what I learned about eating chicken tortilla soup at Cafe Rio with a broken wrist. Dude. It's hard.

Tonight I shared cake with famous author Claudia Mills.

It's been a fine week.


The Ripleys said...

Taking a break from working on your Christmas present to find your blog. LOVE IT! And loved the Bandito. I'll have to take the hubby there. Besides the good food, it makes me feel so young :)

You are the most gracious person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

LucindaF said...

I ditto Karen there on the gracious thing.

I will give you a complete Christmas gift, I will! I will!