Saturday, June 6, 2009

SCBWI event at TKE this afternoon

So this is cool. Several members of our local chapter of SCBWI (see earlier reference this week to my incredibly lame and not funny speech on humor) are having books come out. Way to go, writers! The bookstore (15th east and 15th south) is having a launch party for them today from 2-4. Since I plan to stop by and say hey, I completely groomed this morning for the first time since the wrist breakage. Washed hair. Shaved legs. Trimmed nails. Okay. Definitely TMI. BUT IT WAS HARD AND I WAS SHAKING BY THE TIME I FINISHED.

Had strawberries for breakfast. And a Dr. Pepper. Even though I decided last night to stop drinking Dr. Pepper for a month.


shelley said...

So....why give up Dr. Pepper? It's not even Lent.

Lisa B. said...

I'm trying to give up giving stuff up. It's horrible. I think you should give up giving up Dr. Pepper. Why? It's one of the things that grounds you in your life, and why not.

By the way, I shopped yesterday, highly satisfying, so I may just be trying to justify my habits through justifying yours. But if it's useful to you, by no means let that slow you down. Bottoms up, you know?

Emily Wing Smith said...

The grooming totally paid looked great! Wonderful seeing you!

Louise Plummer said...

Good grooming always gives you an edge. I know why you love Dr. Pepper and I also know why you should give it up. Sigh.