Thursday, June 18, 2009

betwixt and between

Which is where I am. At least when it comes to writing projects. I finished one novel this spring. Haven't started another. There are reasons, the primary one being MAYBE I'M A SLACKER. But I think the larger problem is that none of my ideas make my heart sing.

I've written novels that way before. The idea of writing a pioneer story definitely did NOT make my heart sing. NOT AT ALL. And yet I ended up loving CHARLOTTE'S ROSE. Doing that novel turned into an important experience for me on a lot of fronts and to this day I am completely proud of that book. In spite of the fact I goofed up when it came to some facts of geography. But oh well!

Sometimes you have to get into a project before you fall in love. It's kind of like an arranged marriage that way I guess.

It's just that there's something in me right now that wants to fall in love first.


LucindaF said...

Look at you, such a poetic soul.

I'm waiting for Amazon to deliver your other books, including Charlotte's rose.

What did you finish this spring? I want to read it.

You may be tenative about writing, not because you're a "lazy butt" (that phrase I took down from Louise's presentation), but because you only have ONE HAND!

Absolutely can't wait to hear what you come up with.

Smell the lemons and ocean in Cali for me.

Lisa B. said...


I'm just extrapolating from the above comment.

Okay, back to the matter of this post: I am sitting here feeling bleah about what I'm working on, too, and coping with a very kind and feedback-rich rejection at the moment, and I basically think I want to eat potato chips, watch tv, and possibly cry. So I am with you: inspiration or nothing. For now.

I am impressed, my dear, that you're up for starting something new at the moment when you've only recently finished another. I hope your vacation gives you enough of a break that you come back with something--a thread to follow till your project appears.

whirligigdaisy said...

Wow, Ann. I love this post (this is my first visit to your blog). But this was nice to hear. Love vs. arranged marriage and writing. This was just what I needed to hear about today. Thanks.