Wednesday, June 17, 2009


In 1974 I went on a BYU Semester Abroad to London, and it changed my life. I made friendships that have lasted to this day, and I came home understanding that the world is a REALLY BIG place. Since then I spend a bit of every day in London in my head. Seriously. I think of my doppelganger often, wondering what she's up to. Riding the tube? Eating a curry? Visiting Old Bailey to catch a glimpse of grown men wearing wigs?

On Monday our third son is taking off for London for a BYU summer abroad, and it's a sweet moment for me. London is a great town for young people. He's gonna love it.

The wrist is SORE people. I overdid at the conference last week and I feel like I've pulled a thing or two, in addition to the break. BUT! FORTUNATELY! There's always good food to be had and that eases the pain. Had spinach/fontina soup at The Tin Angel today and felt happy to be alive.


Lisa B. said...

That soup sounds good. I love London. I wish your wrist were automatically better, starting yesterday.

LucindaF said...

So sorry about your wrist. Some people should really stop sending you emails and let you rest. :)

Summer abroad sounds fun, especially without the school part.

Don't watch the movie "Taken".

Louise Plummer said...

Do watch "Taken." You need more to worry about.

Damn the wrist.

Kerry said...

Ah, London. I was on hormone injections there during the worst heat wave of the century. (nostalgia. ;-)

I'm headed to the UK in a few minutes, actually. I'll tell it hello for you.

Annie said...

I'm also a BYU London Study Abroad alum. Hooray for Palace Court! Changed my life, too.

p.s. I think my uncle (David Paxman) might be the faculty director of this session. Or at least one coming up...Now that's a plum assignment.