Sunday, January 25, 2009

More discussing

Thanks, Lisa and Louise, for your insights (see previous post and comments). I think you're both on the same page--i.e. that electronic media is here to stay and that we'll adapt.

It does occur to me that the world of children's publishing may be slower to change (not counting the everybody-is-losing-their-jobs part). Kids' books--especially for younger children--almost have to take a book form, don't they? Can a pre-schooler really snuggle up in your lap to read WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE if there's already a laptop there? I don't know. Maybe. Everyone younger than I am is completely wired and tech-y these days.


Lisa B. said...

Yes, it would be tragic to lose that kid on lap experience. Maybe we should make up some guidelines for the electronification of everything?

Also, happy birthday to your historian!

shelley said...

I do not believe print can die because of the pure tactility of it. I also think all our electronic experiences meld together. The computer and our electronic media are associated with things like Facebook, e-mail, and YouTube, but with a book, there are fewer distractions.
I guess I can't speak for all the upcoming generation, but I just don't think print can die completely. It's such a genius idea. I do think it's changing in some sad ways. And as booksellers, I guess as a group we can't help but feel a little quixotic about it.