Thursday, January 22, 2009

Does this count as writing?

So Ken and I went to a Sundance film called BIG FAN about a 35 year-old parking lot atendant who lives for the moment when the d.j. at his favorite sportsalk radio station takes his call. It was an interesting movie in a lot ways--funny at times but ultimately pretty depressing because come on. The guy spends ALL his time thinking of snappy responses to people who diss his team.

Well. I had my Big Fan moment and it wasn't pretty. After the rush of Tuesday (watching the inauguration , etc.) I spent all of Wednesday reading blogs and getting into cyber-snits with people who called themselves stuff like NO-BAMA and WE'LL MISS HIM and EH? and (of course) ANONYMOUS. I posted snarky comments like crazy and by the end of the day I kind of felt like . . . a loser.

Does all that posting count as writing?

Um. I don't think so.


Pink Ink said...

That's kind of funny-sad, Ann. I sometimes get that way, too. I think I posted like crazy about Sarah Palin :-). Like leaving my calling card all over the place.

Bryan Wilde said...

Internet correspondence, opinion sharing, debate, expression of ideas - I don't know, I think it counts as writing. If the Pierce Bronson numbers in Mama Mia can be considered singing, I think anything we do at the keyboard can be considered writing.

BTW - my, "This I Believe," essay aired this week on KUER. It's on the website if you get a chance to listen.

Lisa B. said...

It IS writing, but it sounds like it was enough. And now, on to checking the political blogs obsessively to see what they're saying. Checking the pulse of America! is what I call it. Yes, in that scenario, I am America's doctor. It's an awesome responsibility.

Bob the Woodcutter said...

I saw BIG FAN, too, and thought, wouldn't it be great to be so single-minded and be able not to care about anything else. I just don't seem to be able to be so focused.