Sunday, January 11, 2009

Free-writing, baby!

Okay. Sitting here waiting for the Eagles v. Giants game. GO, EAGLES!

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about a way to incorporate free-writing into my daily routine. Here goes.
1. Print up a list of nouns
2. Cut the paper into strips
3. Put the strips into a container (jar, basket, whatever) by bedside
4. First thing in the morning BEFORE ROLLING OUT OF BED pull out wordstrip
5. Free write (in the manner described by Natalie Goldberg in WRITING DOWN THE BONES) on that noun for ten minues

I think I can harvest some useful stuff this way. We'll see!


Lisa B. said...

I am working my way (slowly, in a leisurely fashion) to another write a poem a day project--just to keep things moving. I applaud any daily writing project--it really does give you useful stuff you can draw on on dark days, say, the day you have a writing group and you haven't got a poem. Like today. Which is why I'm writing a comment on your post, because I have reached an impasse-ish moment in the poem I'm working on. Okay, back to that. What's a synonym for "bright"?

shelley said...

Perhaps you could post your list of nouns on the blog.
Sounds like a more fun writing exercise than my thesis writing right now. Did you have to write a thesis?

Louise Plummer said...

Ann, I like your writing resolutions. I have some too, but they're not nearly this ambitious. I think I'll dawdle along in your wake.