Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm hereby resolved to . . .

1. Treat writing like a job--the kind you have to go to every day except Saturday and Sunday.
2. Actively pursue writing for magazines this year--attempt to submit an article a month.
3. Read more.
4. Stay upbeat in spite of rejections and disappointments.
5. Be the first one to send notes of congratulation to fellow writers (I'll have to work fast to beat out Rick Walton, the single most gracious writer on the face of the planet).

I had this moment in December when I hit a real low--I just said to myself, "I'm done." As discouraged as I've been in the past, I've never felt like I could (or even wanted to) walk away from a Writing Life. The intensity of my feelings surprised and even scared me a little because for such a long time, I've defined myself as a writer. Anyway. I think I still want to do this. And these resolutions are in response to that hope. Wish me luck.

And good luck to all of you, as well.


Lisa B. said...

These are excellent resolutions. I am alarmed that you felt so low about writing, and I hope that these resolutions are helpful in keeping you going. If you need a pep talk, you know who to call.

Emily said...

Here's to continuing to define yourself as a writer (among other great things) in 2009.

If I could add one resolution to your near-perfect list, it would be: "Get to know that Emily Wing Smith character better!"

Lisa Romeo said...

Your resolve to be the first to congratulate other writers on their success is such a smart and gracious one.
I have always believed, and I hope, acted, as though there is plenty of work and more than enough good fortune to go around to every writer.
So, I am quick to reach out with a pat on the back to all my fellow writers whenever they accomplish some writing goal. I try quite hard not to consider whether they "deserve" it, but to offer sincere kudos.
What goes around, comes around.
Good luck with your 2009 writing goals. And when you achieve something, post it so that I can be the first to say, "good for you!"

Pink Ink said...

*wanting to walk from the writing life* I've had those moments, and they don't last long enough before I feel like I have to write a story.

Best of luck with all your goals, Ann.