Saturday, December 27, 2008

What I bought at Target (and how I'm going to make this relevant)

When I started this blog I made the decision to keep it fairly focused on things pertaining to writing. And yet I find myself wanting to tell you what I bought at Target today (in addition to a blender with money from my mother-in-law). So okay. Here goes. I bought two sweaters (on sale) and NEITHER WAS BLACK. I have a goal for 2009 which is to stop wearing so much black, a habit I picked up the year we lived in New York, because as everyone knows you are only permitted to wear black in New York.

And now I'm going to make this information relevant to the writing life. What color do writers and other artistes ALWAYS WEAR? Yes. You're right. Black. But I totally feel like bucking this trend this year and I. am. so. going. to. do. it.

Off to put a purple sweater on right now.


Lisa B. said...

I went to Target today and bought nothing. I did, however, make a decision to buy something I couldn't find at the actual store at So it wasn't a total waste.

Re: black: I find that when my room and closet is disorganized, I wear a lot more black and/or gray (the new black) because it all goes together and I don't have to dig to find things. Arrrgh. I am so very ready to get rid of things, but I need everyone to go back to work so I can have the space even to go through things. I am trying, in the spirit of the holidays, not to long for the holidays to be over so I can get organized (a pointless longing, this is not going to happen in any real sense). Another good reason not to have so much stuff, a resolution I will take up with great seriousness after I order that stuff from (I am a hell of a lot of fun to live with.)

shelley said...

But don't writers & artistes despise conformity? And, oh, purple is SO in for 2009.

Pink Ink said...

I just put on a purple long-sleeved shirt today! I am in my purple mood, though pink still reins, and black occasionally makes an appearance.

How dare you write about things other than writing! You mean you don't walk around scribbling furiously all day?? :-)