Friday, December 5, 2008

How you might NOT want to write instructions for a 3W Nozzle Washer (Black) Made in Tawain

Copied word for word from the back of the package . . .


1. Release the nut. Take down the car sprayer, and pull out the water pipe.
2. Intall our product. Lock the nut, collect water pipe again.
3. After installing and finishing. Adjust the direction of gushing out the water polo, Expire by and is suitable for it.


1. White installing. It is to lock for nut to ask, so as not to cause and rupture.
2. Finishing install, when teh water pressure squirted is insufficient. Please--check the floowing several items.
A. Whether the water pipe bends, whether the gushing hosepipe has impurity that cause the water pipe to block.
B. Whether the motor is too old to spray water, therefore thrust is not enough.

My husband says he totally relates to Part B.


SMA said...

Oh my word. That is hilarious and so, um, fitting.

Lisa B. said...

Impressively opaque. And so wise! "It is to lock for nut to ask, so as not to cause and rupture." I am locking these words away in my heart, because expire by and is suitable for it.