Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm having a lovely Christmas season this year, but the writer in me is feeling kind of grumpy. I just got word that a manuscript was rejected. This has happened before, of course. Many, many, MANY times. But for some reason I kind of went into a tailspin this time, asking myself why I'm doing this and so forth. (It's sort of like being in high school and asking boys to go to a girls' choice dance with you and being turned down over and over. WHO NEEDS THAT?) Not that I haven't asked myself these questions before. Many, many, MANY times. It's just that I thought I was better at taking rejection at this stage in my career.

Okay. I think I'll write some more Christmas jokes just to cheer myself up. Here goes. What did Mrs. Claus say to Santa when she looked out the window? "It looks like rain, dear."

Yes. I'm feeling much, much, MUCH better now. Pity Party officially over.

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Lisa B. said...

Really? That's all it takes to get over feeling sorry for yourself? I could make that last for weeks. WEEKS. I will just tell you what one of my wise poet friends once told me--editors are jackals. Mean, stupid jackals. Jackals without a clue, in the case of whoever rejected your manuscript.