Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I love Hires

i've been reading a mytery by Bartholomew Gill called THE DEATH OF A JOYCE SCHOLAR. Gill clearly has great affection for Dublin, the story's setting--I can almost see him rub his hands together in glee as he mentions a favorite pub or a familiar church. I know how he feels. I love to write about Salt Lake City. It's fun to mention real places--such as Hires.

Hires is a local institution--a place where people have consumed burgers and fries (also fry sauce!) for a couple of generations now. My family eats there regularly and no one ever gets tired of it. Which is why I have this lofty goal--to give Hires a shoutout in every book I write.

Which could present a problem if I ever try to write a fantasy . . .


Lisa B. said...

That Joyce Scholar book is the bomb. I really loved it! And Hires is also the bomb. Onion rings, for one.

Pink Ink said...

I've heard of Hires, but have never been. I want to go soon!

I also love writing about the Philippines, although I have to fictionalize the towns because I don't have details down.