Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sam Weller's this Saturday

I got a little Christmas shopping done this morning WHICH REMINDS ME--if you want to buy your nearest and dearest a book (or two), you should show up at Sam Weller's book store on Saturday between 2:00 and 4:00. Carla Morris, Sara Zarr and I will be there chatting and signing books and possibly eating cheese and crackers. Also, I will be checking to see if Sara is wearing another fab sweater.

Meanwhile I am enjoyIng the season A LOT. Seriously, it's just so much easier to have good times in December--eating fudge and so forth--if you're not taking finals. Or giving them either.


Sara Z. said...

That's a lot of pressure on me when I get dressed on Saturday. I've been spending a lot of time in pajamas. Maybe I'll wear those?

Lisa B. said...

So true about not teaching and the good times! My December is ultra pleasant this year, I wonder why. Oh yes, that's right--I'm on sabbatical! Perhaps I will see you at Sam's, but if I don't, have a swell time, and I hope you'll well an awesome sweater yourself, as well as plenty of author bling.

Christopher said...

An, your favorite nephew and his wife will try and stop by Sam Wellers during those hours. We'll be in SLC shopping anyway, and I am always looking for excuses to stop by used book stores.