Sunday, December 14, 2008

And a good time was had by all!

Phew! Busy weekend! Ken and I bought the tree (a real one--always a real one at our house) Friday night. It is, of course, big enough to fill up the entryway of the governor's mansion because that's how we like 'em. Or did when we were young and energetic. And now we're stuck with this tradition of buying and decorating insanely large trees. So let this be a lesson to you. Do NOT buy the biggest tree on the lot when you're bursting with youthful good health because dude. You will NOT always feel like Paul Bunyan.

Saturday I met up with Carla Morris and Sara Zarr (who did NOT disappoint on the sweater front) at Sam Weller's for a nice afternoon. The weather kept customers (and the paparazzi) away but family (my son Alec and his adorable wife, Randi; my nephew Chris and HIS adorable wife, Karim; my husband and our adorable son Quinton, and Sara's adorable husband, Gordon) stopped by to say hey. Adorably.

Tonight we had the fam over for our annual Christmas party, which includes a visit from Santa and the ritual opening of Christmas crackers. My favorite bit about the crackers are the jokes, which always inspire me to write little holiday jokes of my own. (Sample: What do bell ringers like to eat for dessert? Hostess Ding-dongs. DUH!)


Lisa B. said...

Well, at least you HAVE a tree because oh my God! I cannot get it together to get a tree. Why? Tomorrow, no matter what. I neeeeeed to come over and see your gigantic tree.

(Glad to hear you had visitors on the blustery blustery Saturday. I did think of you.)

Karim said...

You throw the best parties! I must say, I was terrified during my first one when I met all of Chris's family (and I knew Jerri would be asking for a full report about me from the other family members). It truly was a rite of passage into the Cannon family. Thanks for always being so welcoming. It is no surprise why you are Chris's favorite aunt!