Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What I Like Best About Writing . . .

. . . is re-writing. I read somewhere once that Meg Cabot doesn't love the re-writing part, which interested me A LOT, because that's where things start to take off for me. I know where I'm going by the time I re-write, which eliminates a certain amount of stress for me. It's also the time when I throw in the fun stuff-quirky little details and flourishes.

I say this because today I finished up a re-write on a new novel I'm trying to sell. AND IT WAS FUN! I felt so proud of myself I celebrated by raking up leaves and putting my garden to bed. I also made some chocolate chip cookies.


shelley said...

So productive! And you made cookies! Holy mackerel!

Pink Ink said...

Bet all that glorious fall weather was a great reward. And the cookies, yum!

Congratulations on finishing your re-write!! Best of luck.