Monday, November 10, 2008

Well done, Emily!

I just returned from The King's English where I heard Emily Wing Smith read from her new book. SO GOOD! What I liked were the tangible specific details--right down to the cornflakes on top of the funeral potatoes. The bit she read was poignant and heartbreaking and funny all at once. Wow!

I saw her dad, Bob Wing, who was in my Spanish class in high school along with Rick Walton. He pointed out his contribution to Emily's book (a debate ballot) (way to go, Bob!). I also loved talking to her mother, Diana, who grew up in Alaska.

I would die of coldness and lack of light-ness if I grew up in Alaska. (BTW, Emily's mother did NOT sound anything at all like Sarah Palin. Where did Sarah Palin's accent come from?)

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Diana said...

The conversation was mutually enjoyable. But hey, I was wundrin' doncha know if you'd be doin' a signin' for LOSER soon. ( Whoo, okay, I tried but I'll have to drop the Palinese. I thought maybe using it would trigger some latent Alaskan verbal response system but to no effect. More the pity.) Anyway, I would like to get Hannah a copy for Christmas. I could also come by King's English one day if you're working.
Thanks for your help and inspiration in Emily's writing career.
diana wing